Turkey in Syria


Turkey refused to comply with the requirements of Russia in Syria, supporting the terrorists

Turkey rejected Russia's claims on Syria.

Despite the existing interest of the Turkish authorities to stop the escalation of the military conflict in the province of Idlib, as part of the ongoing negotiations, Turkey refused to comply with the demands of Russia, supporting the terrorists in the territory of the SAR.

According to the publication Al-Vatan, the reason for the refusal of Turkey to cooperate with Russia in Syria was the demands of Moscow to transfer the Jabal Shashabo region, in the northwestern part of the province of Hama, under the control of the Syrian and Russian military.

“The transfer of Jabal Shashabo will be a serious blow to the jihadists and the Turkish-supported National Liberation Front, as this will leave the Syrian Arab army in an excellent position for a future offensive in Idlib”- Lebanese publication Al Masdar News reports.

It should be clarified that Russia and Syria continue joint attacks against Syrian militants in the provinces of Hama, Lattakia and Idlib, however, despite the fact that the latter suffers serious losses, clashes continue, due to the presence of almost 100 thousandth army of terrorists in this region.

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