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Turkey opens fire on Russian military in northern Syria

The Turkish military attacked the positions of the Russian military in northern Syria.

Several hours ago, the Turkish armed forces opened fire on the Russian military stationed at three military installations in and around the city of Ain Issa. According to the information obtained by the information and news resource, the strikes were carried out at night, apparently in order not to reveal the area where fire was opened.

It is known that as a result of artillery strikes on the outskirts of the Syrian city of Ain Issa, the Russian military did not suffer, however, the strikes were delivered only 1,5 kilometers from the Russian military checkpoint.

According to a number of Kurdish media outlets, the Strikes on Ain Issa may be a countermeasure to the Russian military, in fact, in response to strikes by Russian bombers and fighters, as well as in response to a recent attempt by Syrian air defense systems to shoot down three Turkish Bayraktar TB2 reconnaissance drones, about than the resource previously reported.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Turkey has attacked the positions of the Russian military in the Ain Issa area, although Ankara has repeatedly received warnings about the risks for the Russian military.

Where to run? Into the fiery cauldron ?!

What is the meaning of the article? Does the artillery fire have an error of 1,5 km? What targets were fired on? What does the RF Armed Forces have to do with it?

to flee to Ukraine

soon they will begin to die in Russia, think about where to run next

another injection of media controlled by the Kremlin. The one who published has not the slightest idea about night shooting and about the army's capabilities in tracking and determining coordinates from the place of shelling.

Who does he agree with? If it `s not a secret. What are your suggestions for this situation?

The Ministry of Defense, and you again send a warning, one more, one less, what difference does it make until ours start to die, but start to die, the Turks will apologize, they got it by mistake, and you, as is customary, console your relatives, reward posthumously, and again, and Turkey for resort

This is all the result of the conciliatory policy of GDP. They will soon start dying. In Syria, in the Donbass ... And he will frown when he speaks at the next meeting. Or will we change for life again?

This requires the political will of the ORDER GENERATOR. Do we have one? Who can and wants to give it away? Despite the fact that it will boomerang at the dough of our oligarchs "from the inner circle." NO!

"... the strikes were delivered at night, apparently in order not to reveal the area where fire was opened." It is at night that the flashes from the shots are visible at a considerable distance. And in the daytime, flashes from both shots and explosions are practically invisible. And if a strike is delivered one and a half kilometers from the checkpoint, this does not mean that the checkpoint is being attacked. Attacked a place to which you can't shoot from a checkpoint from a machine gun

And no one confesses that he fired under cover of night, definitely using meanness, and if there is no direct proof of this, why not retaliate against the areas identified as being involved in the mean action.

What is this nonsense? in order not to disclose positions that is why they beat you at night? The armament has tracking systems where the strike was from, and it doesn't matter when it is at night or in fog