UAV Bayraktar


Turkey deployed another Bayraktar TB2 to Ukraine

Bayraktar TB2 has been spotted off the western coast of Crimea, having flown in from Turkey.

Turkey continues to deploy its Bayraktar TB2 attack unmanned aerial vehicles to Ukraine. According to data from open monitoring resources, on January 12, 2022, another Turkish drone moved from the Turkish Dalaman towards Donbass, which landed at a military airbase in Zaporozhye. This is not the first drone that Turkey has flown to Ukraine to take part in the hostilities in Donbass.

According to the information resource "Flightradar 24", the Bayraktar TB2 attack unmanned aerial vehicle took off from the airbase in Dalaman and reached Zaporozhye on its own, moving along the western coast of the Black Sea, probably to cover the airspace of NATO countries.

The fact that we are talking specifically about a strike unmanned aerial vehicle is indicated by the fact that the aircraft was moving at a low altitude (about 4,5 kilometers) and at low speed, which is typical for such drones.

Turkey does not comment on the accusations that its drones are used in the Donbass to correct and probable strikes on the positions of the DPR and LPR, however, earlier reports appeared that in addition to the 12 Bayraktar TB2 shock drones in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ankara could provide up to 24 of its shock drones at the request of Kiev, in case large-scale clashes begin in Donbass.

these troughs have shown themselves ... and they will show more ...

Is there really no antidote against these fragile troughs such as a bar-tractor with the dimensions of an AN-2 maize plant and with the same tactical and technical data, a flight altitude of 150 meters to 180 km? Yes, such whatnots need to be felled like firewood, in armfuls. For modern Russian air defense systems, electronic warfare systems, satellite navigation, weapons systems, missiles, they need to be felled in batches, and kick this burnt garbage with your feet!