Turkey deployed 4000 militants and terrorists to the border with Karabakh

About 4000 Turkish fighters have been transferred from Syria to Karabakh.

Former Iranian Ambassador to Armenia Kazem Sajjadi said that earlier, during the still ongoing armed conflict in Karabakh, Turkey deployed about 4000 militants and members of terrorist organizations from neighboring Turkey to the region. Probably, this allowed Azerbaijan to gain an advantage in the offensive, especially given the fact that before that Turkish fighters were actively involved in the battles in Syria.

Former Iranian Ambassador to Armenia Kazem Sajjadi stressed that the presence of terrorists and their transfer from Syria to Azerbaijan near the border with Iran is unacceptable and Turkey must know that this is a game with fire. Obviously, this is a direct reminder to Turkey and Azerbaijan that Tehran will not tolerate any geopolitical changes in the region that are not consistent with the national interests of the Islamic Republic.

At the moment, there is a relatively stable situation in Karabakh, however, Azerbaijani troops are still present in the region, which, against the backdrop of threats made by Baku, may indicate that Azerbaijan continues to prepare an offensive deep into the territory of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. In fact, to date, the situation in the region is restrained only by Russian peacekeeping forces and Iran.


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