Turkey has deployed several more Bayraktar TB2 attack drones to Ukraine

An aircraft with Bayraktar TB2 attack drones arrived from Turkey to Ukraine.

A few hours ago, an Il-76 aircraft arrived in Ukraine from Turkey, which delivered several Bayraktar TB2 attack unmanned aerial vehicles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Judging by the dimensions of the interior space, on board the Il-76 aircraft, we can talk about 4-6 unmanned aerial vehicles.

"Urgently! Ukrainian IL-76 is carrying a new batch of "Turkish birds". Right now, the IL-76 of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is carrying a secret (?) Cargo from the Turkish airport Tekirdag, located in Corlu near the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara. It is notable for the fact that both a civil airport and a military airfield are used. Moreover, it houses the Bayraktar Akıncı Flight and Training Center, which belongs to Baykar Makina, whose Bayraktar TB2 drones have already been spotted in Donbass. "- reports the Russian war correspondent Akim Apachev.

It is known that the plane landed at the Odessa airport, and although at the moment there is no information confirming the nature of the cargo, there were previously unconfirmed reports that by the end of November Turkey had to transfer to Kiev a small batch of drones, which are supposed to be used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass.

To date, it is known about a maximum of three Bayraktar TB2 attack unmanned aerial vehicles used in Donbass at the same time, however, the attack was officially delivered by only one unmanned aerial vehicle.

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