Turkish military


Turkey has transferred 300 armored vehicles and 4 thousand military personnel to Syria

The Turkish army additionally transferred 4 thousand troops and hundreds of armored vehicles to Syria.

Ankara is preparing for a powerful confrontation with Russia and the Syrian army in Idlib province, having transferred over 4 thousand troops and more than 300 armored vehicles to Syria, including heavy tanks, which are deployed along the most likely directions of the Syrian army's offensive.

“In the past six months, the Turkish group has more than doubled. The number of Turkish military personnel increased by 4 thousand, and armored vehicles - by 300 units. In this regard, the number of Turkish strongholds has also increased many times over. Of the 27 Turkish positions, 11 are currently located south of the border of the "security corridor" with the deployment of tanks and heavy weapons "- сообщает Russian news agency "Russian Spring".

The figures presented are far from final, since a day earlier a large convoy of military equipment and several hundred Turkish troops entered Syria, and according to Syrian intelligence, another military convoy will be sent to Idlib in the near future.

Turkey is actively hiding behind the Memorandum, but at the same time it does not fulfill the agreement with Russia. In particular, we are talking about the transfer under the control of the Syrian army of the territory located south of the M4 highway, and the highway itself - under the control of the Russian military. Obviously, for this reason, the Russian side intends to abandon the agreements with Erdogan and purge the southern part of Idlib from militants and illegal armed groups.

At the same time, 2436 coffins were taken out.

Against this background, a large-scale information attack will unfold, which will balance the forces and allow you to win.

We will get a blockage of our forces in Syria, the closure of the Bosphorus and the airspace over Turkey, clashes in Syria between our forces and the Turks, attacks on our base. The balance of forces and means is not in our favor there.

This is just an attempt to occupy a part of Syria, if they themselves do not leave, they will carry them out, along with the barmaley. For the Syrians themselves, these are the occupiers. And NATO will not get into this, since the Turks themselves climbed, and then they will snatch it off in Libya.

it's time for a ross UAV, the Turks sit in the tank and wait)