Shot down Su-25


Turkey handed over to the militants "Stingers" for attacks on the Russian HQs

The appearance in service of the Stinger militants poses a serious danger to the Russian HVAC.

Lebanese media reported that in addition to supplying militants in the province of Idlib with ammunition, Turkey is also actively transferring weapons to terrorists to fight air targets. According to some reports, since the beginning of this month, terrorists have received from Turkey at least two dozen American portable Stinger anti-aircraft missile systems, which poses a serious danger not only for the Syrian military, but also for the Russian space forces.

How objective this information is, so far remains unknown, but a few weeks ago, such information already appeared in the media.

According to experts, the Stingers are particularly dangerous for Russian attack helicopters and Su-25 attack aircraft, which, according to various sources, can be from 4 to 6 on the territory of the SAR.

The key objective of supplying the militants with portable anti-aircraft missile systems is an attempt to disrupt the offensive operation on Idlib, which succeeded only thanks to the active support of the Russian Aermed Flight Forces - only in the last 24 hours about hundreds of take-offs from the Russian military base Hmeimim were recorded, which, by the way , subjected to regular attacks with the use of MLRS.

Who is the author, Armenian?

I think Turkey has remained by itself.

how is this possible ? We are with 400, and tomorrow they will turn them against us. Why should they even sell our modern weapons in general. Turkey constantly puts a stick in the wheels From the destruction of our aircraft to the practical abandonment of gas in our gas pipeline