Turkey hands over 50 Kirpi armored vehicles to Ukraine

Ukraine received 50 Kirpi armored vehicles from Turkey.

This became known against the background of unofficial data, which turned out to be confirmed by the corresponding video frames, on which you can see how a large number of Turkish armored vehicles are located on a huge site. Moreover, according to a number of Ukrainian sources, Turkey will transfer 200 armored vehicles of the Kirpi Navy to Ukraine.

In the presented video footage published by the Ukrainian military, you can see how a huge number of Kirpi armored vehicles of the Navy are placed in an open area. According to sources, we are talking about a batch of 50 vehicles, and although the video shows a slightly smaller number of these weapons, experts note that we are really talking about arming Ukrainian troops with these armored vehicles.

In fact, this is the first recorded case of the transfer of armored military equipment by Turkey for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the same time, if the information about the supply of 200 armored vehicles of the Kirpi Navy to Ukraine is confirmed, this will directly indicate that Turkey is in favor of escalating the situation in the region, even despite the existing agreements with Russia and Ankara's supposedly neutral position in the current situation.

Given the fact that the Turkish Kirpi armored vehicles of the Navy have B6 class armor, this can be quite a serious support for Ukraine. However, there are no official comments on this from Turkey yet.