Turkey hands over T-122 Sakarya MLRS battery to Ukraine

In addition to the TRLG-230 systems, Turkey transferred the T-122 Sakarya MLRS battery to Ukraine.

These systems have almost half the range and use 122 mm. rocket projectiles. However, taking into account the fact that Turkey once made a big bet on such MLRS, Ankara has a very large stock of missiles for such weapons, which makes it possible to supply the Ukrainian military with them virtually unlimitedly.

It is known that at the end of last week a battery of four T-122 Sakarya launchers was seen in the Dnepropetrovsk region. Where exactly such MLRS were sent remains unknown, however, this fact indicates that the Turkish side, contrary to partnerships with Russia, is actively supplying Ukraine with rocket artillery, ammunition, missile systems, etc.

It is noteworthy that the T-122 Sakarya multiple launch rocket systems can also fire on satellite navigation, including with the help of the Russian GLONASS system provided by the Turkish side in such weapons. It is impossible to deliver high-precision strikes. However, with an accuracy of hitting targets up to 10 meters, such strikes are very dangerous. Moreover, as part of a battery, the systems are able to work both independently and on a single instruction, which makes it possible to cover a very large area with dense fire.

It is obvious that the supply of such weapons to Ukraine can have a very serious impact on relations between Russia and Turkey, however, obviously, Ankara is not trying to realize this.


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