Türkiye transfers intelligence data to Kyiv in the Black Sea


Türkiye transfers intelligence data to Kyiv in the Black Sea

Türkiye is actively providing Ukraine with intelligence information about the situation in the Black Sea, using its reconnaissance aircraft. According to the Crimean Wind monitoring group and the Flightradar portal, an ATR 72-600TMPA aircraft with the call sign MARTI25, designed to perform maritime patrol missions, was spotted off the coast of Turkey.

This aircraft, equipped with advanced electronic reconnaissance and surveillance systems, actively operates in the surveillance zone, performing anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare and electronic reconnaissance missions. The ATR 72MP radio detection and targeting system includes an advanced multi-mode active phased array surveillance radar, a turret with electro-optical sensors, an automatic identification system and an airborne search and rescue system direction finder.

“Western intelligence services share information with Ukraine in real time. Let us note that the recent Ukrainian missile attacks on targets in Crimea were preceded by massive airborne electronic reconnaissance.”- said in the message.

It should be noted that Türkiye previously denied supplying Ukraine with weapons and transferring intelligence data.


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