Turkey switched to using ANKA-S drones in Syria, due to the uselessness of Bayraktar TB2

The era of Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones in Syria has come to an end.

Despite the statements of the Turkish defense department that the Bayraktar TB2 drones staged a real genocide of Russian air defense systems in Libya and Syria (although in reality, the losses of these drones are estimated at more than 50 units), it became known that the Turkish military unexpectedly switched to the use of ANKA-S attack unmanned aerial vehicles in Syria. The latter are used only in areas controlled by the Syrian military. This means that Ankara realizes that now the Bayraktar TB2 drones are a priority target for the Syrian air defense.

According to a number of assumptions, the Syrian military received the signatures of Turkish attack drones and is now tracking them freely, preparing to attack drones in the event of the slightest hint of provocation. With the ANKA-S drones, the situation is somewhat different - earlier these drones were practically not used in Syria, which somewhat complicates the process of their defeat. According to experts, it is still a matter of time, and at the moment Ankara provides an opportunity for the Syrian and Russian military to train in the destruction of these targets.

Earlier it was reported that ANKA-S drones were spotted over Tel Rifat, Qamishli, Ras al-Ain and other border cities of Syria, which should be the target of the Turkish military operation, which Erdogan had previously announced.

Fresh meat was brought up for air defense. New samples to explore are always interesting.