Turkey lifts Bayraktar TB2 drones in preparation to strike Iran

Turkey decided to get involved in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Iran.

The confrontation on the border of Iran and Azerbaijan, which has not yet been accompanied by any military actions, led to the fact that Turkey escalated tensions with Tehran, deploying its weapons on the border with the Islamic Republic, and also starting to actively use Bayraktar TB2 strike drones just a few kilometers from the Iranian border.

A few hours ago, just three kilometers from the northwestern section of the Iranian-Turkish border, at least one Turkish Bayraktar TB2 reconnaissance drone was seen. The latter allegedly carried out an intelligence mission against the backdrop of an exacerbation of the situation in relations between Iran and Azerbaijan. It is known that there was no violation of the Iranian border. Ankara decided to take a very serious risk, preparing for a confrontation with Iran in the event of a conflict between Tehran and Baku.

At the moment, the situation on the border between Azerbaijan and Iran remains very tense, due to the provocative actions of the Azerbaijani side and outright threats against Tehran.

Not a chain dog, but strictly following the concept: one people, two states

Actually, what claims can there be against Turkey !? Turks and Azeris are practically one people and only because of the historically formed reality: Iran, which occupied part of Azerbaijan, imposed a Shiite version of Islam on it.

Turkey has not confused anything, everything is done correctly

Turkey participates in the project of transport corridors China-Iran-Armenia-Turkey-Europe and Turkey-Armenia-Azerbaijan-Central Asia. Why should she cut the "golden chicken" participating in an adventure that does not promise anything besides huge losses and image losses !?

Azerbaijan's chain dog has missed the shores of Turkey.

Well, what is IRAN .. no .. allies are not .... one blah blah ... only they can brag ..... poor people.

TaAaK ... Gladiators in the arena. Spectators at the screens with seeds. Get started!
Now you can understand the audience in ancient Rome, expecting mortal battles in the arena .... :)