Launch of the C-400 missile


Turkey has shown how the Russian C-400 "knocks down" an American plane

Turkey showed how Russian C-400 shoot down an American plane.

Against the background of the supply to Turkey of the Russian anti-aircraft missile systems C-400 "Triumph", the Turkish side has published an interesting infographic, which captures not only the main goals that may be hit by the latest Russian complexes, but also the destruction of the American EF-111 Raven .

Despite the fact. that the EF-111 Raven aircraft was chosen as the target, today this car was removed from service by the US Air Force, and almost 30 years ago, however, the fact that the aircraft’s non-neutral silhouette was chosen makes us think , whether the Russian C-400 political relations between the US and Turkey will escalate.

Experts note that the infographic presented only military aircraft that are in service with the member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, and to a greater extent this applies to the United States.

It should be clarified that despite the fact that it became known about deliveries of Russian C-400 to Turkey in the morning, there was no official reaction from the United States on this subject yet, while earlier it was reported that Washington still refuses impose sanctions on Ankara.

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