Turkey will show its own replacement of the Russian Su-57 and the American F-35

"This is a feature of world leaders": Turkey will present its fifth generation fighter in Paris.

The first fighter of the fifth generation intends to present for the first time at the 53-th Paris Air Show at Le Bourget a Turkish company producing aviation and space technology "Turkish Aerospace Industry" (TAI). The airshow will run from 17 to June 23. This message was made by the press service of the company.

From this message it follows that a full-size model of the fifth generation aircraft will be demonstrated. It is being developed in the framework of the Turkish Fighter Project.

Representatives of the company noted that only countries with the characteristics of world leaders such as the USA, China and Russia are capable of producing such aircraft.

The general director «TAI» Temel Kotil stressed that the demonstration of a fighter at such an air show is an indicator that the Turkish defense industry has reached a “new point of development”.