C-400 destruction


Turkey will show the "killer" of Russian S-400, costing only $ 1 million

Turkey will test its attack drone against Russian S-400 air defense systems.

Turkey intends to create killers of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems based on its Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles. The technical basis for this will be the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in Libya and Syria against the Pantsir-S air defense missile system and the destruction of the S-300 air defense missile system in Armenia.

The drones, the cost of which is estimated at one million dollars, will initially be tested on the S-400 complexes that Russia supplied to Turkey, which will reveal the vulnerabilities of these complexes by analogy with the S-300 air defense systems in Armenia and NKR. After that, the drones can try to test it in real conditions, moreover, taking into account the situation with the complete defeat of the S-300 position in Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia.

“Turkish drones have so far demonstrated superiority over Soviet and Russian air defense systems. Considering that the S-400 was created just on the basis of the S-300, the Turkish military may well create drones that can bypass the radars of the Russian S-400 ", - the expert marks.

Remarkable is the fact that it is for this reason that Ukraine intends to acquire several dozen Turkish Bayraktar TB2 attack UAVs, and Ankara itself announced its intentions to help Kiev return Crimea to Ukraine, which raises very serious concerns.


Can the S-400 be killed by a drone? Sure. Especially when no one is guarding him, and there is no war. The reality of war is slightly different. The S-400 is not at all a military air defense, but rather a strategic one. Its task is to defend or large objects in the rear or fortresses (Crimea, Kaliningrad) Is it possible to attack these objects? Of course it is possible. But I think the radiation from the use of nuclear weapons will not give any chances for controlling drones.

We have nothing to do in Karabakh. Right Putin makes a belly. Let's speak bluntly: Azerbaijan and Turkey are our basic partners in the region, and we must not and will not conflict with these countries. Well, if the Americans want to help resolve the conflict in Karabakh, then let them give compensation to Azerbaijan and Turkey. Let them try to make themselves one more corn.

As always, a knife in the back from the Turks, it is in their blood.

Delirium is invented ... the s-400 is always part of the echeloned air defense It is too expensive a pleasure to shoot at drones

The fatal and stupid mistake of Russia in the sale of the S-400 to Turkey

Is it okay that the S-400 was not designed to destroy drones? The S-400 should be part of a layered air defense, which includes long, medium and short range air defense? The S-400 must fight aviation, cruise and ballistic missiles, and to combat drones, there are shells, tori beeches, etc., which should not act alone, as in Syria or Libya, but jointly