Turkey: the purchase of the S-400 was a mistake - the complex is completely useless

Turkey believes that the purchase of the Russian S-400 was a billion-dollar mistake.

Despite the successful tests of the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems, Turkey came to the conclusion that the purchase of these anti-aircraft missile systems turned out to be a huge mistake - despite their capabilities, the Russian systems turned out to be very ineffective, and in case of an attack they can simply leave Turkey is defenseless.

According to media reports, the S-400 air defense systems purchased by Ankara from Russia can not only miss their targets, but also be destroyed in just a few minutes.

“If we talk only about military power, especially about the strength of the Chinese army, then Turkey ranks second in NATO, ahead of traditional countries such as Great Britain, France and Germany. However, Turkey has many problems with military power. One is only scale, not quality. The army has almost no air defense. A modern air defense system does not rely on one weapon and equipment, but on a complex system consisting of several forces. The Turkish army cannot rely on the S-400 to support it, and other models and types of air defense are needed "- сообщает information publication "Sina".

Today, Turkey really does not have medium and short-range air defense systems that could provide protection for the positional areas of the Turkish S-400, while the likelihood that Turkey will buy Russian Pantsir or Tor air defense systems is very small, since these complexes were successfully destroyed by Turkish drones in Syria, Libya and Karabakh.

“It is for this reason that Erdogan sought to buy the American Patriots. If the plan of the Turkish leader had been worked out, it would be very difficult to dig into the Turkish air defense, but today Turkey is too easy a target. ", - experts say.

Why fight with Transnistria. You just need to set up border posts on our side, like they have and take away the Moldovan customs seal and the license plates of the cars that we give them from Tiraspol ... everything gives, but in response only problems ...

And they are not hiding. Look at the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh through the prism of geopolitics.

Yes, escander Armenia launched a deviation of 6000 meters instead of 30, and all the accompanying systems were, high-precision weapons all the same.

The author was holding a candle when the Turks bought the complex. There is no ultimate weapon yet! Any application is linked to certain operational and tactical conditions and support. A grenade without a check in the paws of a monkey is a deadly weapon for the monkey itself in the first place. The Turks would like to hide with this complex, they would buy 10 sets and the means of support for them. And here - the desire to click on the nose of the pends after the coup attempt (here - gratitude to Russia for saving the life of the Sultan), and, probably, an attempt to tinker with the system (it did not work, apparently).

And they don't need it. They won't hide from us, if anything.

American patriots have been proving their failure in Japan for 10 years already, when the DPRK is launching missiles through Japan, not a single missile has yet been shot down.

Where have you read such fairy tales? Probably the engine turned the forces reduced aha. What kind of nonsense do I start on the Internet from anonymous

"Rapira" is an analogue of the OSA-AKM, only with worse than that of the wasp, TTX. MIM-14, even taking into account deep modernization, no longer meets the requirements and has been withdrawn from service since 2008. MIM-24 "Advanced HOK" - hopelessly outdated and removed from service. So much for you right now. Read open sources, everything is written there.

Journalists, including those of Internet publications, look funny, writing about how "Turkish drones are successfully destroying" Russian "Armor" and "Torah" in Syria and Libya. Well, at least they would not be disgraced. "Pantsir" in Syria did not see low-speed and small-sized targets - UAVs - but serious wars with UAVs are not waged and certainly not won with UAVs alone. This is a common misconception, authored by Western journalists. Such flaws in the SAM systems are very quickly identified and eliminated. As for the "Thor", it perfectly shoots down UAVs of any size. And the only complex "Tor-M2" destroyed by a drone of the Azerbaijani army was not even brought into the stowed position - it was in the GARAGE, in a non-combat state. There, in the garage, the Turkish "Bayraktar" rocket flew in.
The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry inflated this case to the size of a universal elephant: for the first time in history! They say that an ordinary strike UAV revealed and destroyed the legendary Russian Tor-M2KM, which was in service with the Armenian army!
All that the Turkish UAVs were capable of in the hands of Azerbaijani geniuses was to destroy combat targets IN GARAGE and BOXES. Naturally, this is much easier than trying to target the Tor-M2 on a route or in a combat position, when it resists detection with all its systems, monitors all available ranges and is ready to repulse an attack at any time.
Disgracers. That these warriors, that these are the journalists ...

s400 the Turks bought. so that the pendos did not fly over them too much. there is another weapon against the drones

apparently they are so effective that Turkey considers itself vulnerable

What is sold for export has cut characteristics from those that are supplied to our army.

In one fable, the monkey also could not figure it out with glasses.

The Turks remember well how, during the Gulf War, all US HOKs and Frankivsk Rapiers in Iraq were simultaneously out of order before the strike. And why doesn't this happen, if necessary, for the Turkish ones? And even the Patriots?

So there were reports that the Turks had already paid for the S-400.

Oh, byada-byada, punishment, - the Brownie used to say in the famous cartoon.

Delirium, arm potential enemies

As far as I am aware, the S-400s were purchased by the Turkish side on a loan provided by Russia. And they may not return it. It is strange that history does not teach our powerful people anything. Turkey has not been and will not be our friend, partner, etc.

The Armenians were defeated? Do not rush it is the same if a 40 year old will fight with a 12 year old. Do not brake

Well, yes, that's right, why would a monkey need a grenade!

It is bold and stupid not to notice the obvious facts that in Turkey they are not fools and professionals are visible by how they quickly and dashingly defeated the Armenians, and not because the Turks needed the C 400 to find weaknesses and assess the country's air defense capabilities, so it is very even a useful acquisition, and against everyone else a serious weapon ... the fact Israel has stopped running up does not fly over Damascus)))

Only these missiles will not aim and fly towards f15-f18

Well, yes, Patriot is much cooler. And Chinese fireworks are generally a dream ...

No one has done better yet.

The Turks also bought modernized Ukrainian C-125s.

"Today, Turkey really does not have medium and short-range air defense systems" - well, right now. Turkey has long been armed with American-made MIM-14 and MIM-23 Hawk medium-range air defense systems and British-made Rapier short-range air defense systems.