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Turkey will receive American F-16s in exchange for confrontation with Russia

The United States is offering F-16 fighter jets to Turkey in exchange for an active confrontation with Russia over the Black Sea.

Negotiations between the United States and Turkey on the sale of a large batch of F-16 fighters to the Turkish Air Force and the modernization of these combat aircraft in service with Ankara led Washington to agree to approve the sale of fighters on the condition that Turkey begins to actively oppose the Russian presence in the Black Sea. Such actions by the US and Turkey could lead to a serious increase in tension near the Russian borders.

It is known that negotiations between Washington and Ankara began this year, when a serious escalation began between Russia, NATO and the United States. At the same time, it is also known that negotiations between Turkey and the United States have been resumed regarding the supply of F-35 fighter jets to the Turkish Air Force. This does not exclude the possibility that Washington could put forward other demands to Ankara regarding countering Russia, including the provision of Russian military aircraft with Turkish airspace, and, importantly, the Bosphorus Strait.

“Despite the fact that Turkey and the United States have very serious problems in relations, it is important to remember that Turkey is a NATO country and therefore Russia should be expected to counteract from Ankara”, - the expert emphasizes.

It should be noted that over the past week, Russia's relations with NATO and the United States have deteriorated significantly. At the same time, the Russian delegation in Vienna, having delivered an ultimatum to the West, stressed that the countdown had already started.

We are talking about the delivery of the latest version of the F-16, i.e. Block 70/72 modifications, this is not at all like the old F-16A / B Block 20 or F-16C / D Block 52+. 40 aircraft and 80 more upgrade kits will be delivered to bring to the same level some of the sides already available to the Turks. This is great.

Then why not the new F-15s?!



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