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Turkey went to conflict with the Russian military in Karabakh

It became known about the conflict between the Turkish and Russian military in Karabakh.

The appearance of the Turkish armed forces in Karabakh led to a new wave of escalation in the region, however. this time, the interests of Russia were affected. According to the Reuters news agency, Russia refused Turkey to build its own observation posts on the territory of Karabakh, but Ankara announced that otherwise they would act in the region independently, regardless of the Kremlin's position on this issue.

"Turkey and Russia are at odds over Ankara's desire to establish an independent military observation post in Azerbaijan," a Turkish source said after they agreed this month to monitor a ceasefire in the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Turkey and Russia have already agreed to establish a joint center in the region to monitor the November 10 ceasefire that ended weeks of fighting between Azerbaijani troops and ethnic Armenian forces in the enclave. Russian and Turkish officials have yet to agree on the parameters of the monitoring mechanism, but Turkey, a staunch ally of Azerbaijan, also wants its own independent observation post, increasing influence in the region, which it considers key to its own security. “The biggest difference of opinion now is the observation post that Turkey will establish on the lands of Azerbaijan. Russia believes that there is no need for Turkey to create an observation post in the region, independent of the joint center. However, it is necessary for Turkey, "a Turkish source said on condition of anonymity.", - about it сообщает information agency "Reuters".

Against this background, the situation can become very seriously aggravated, especially given the influence of Ankara on Baku, where the Russian military can simply be demanded to leave the territory under the sovereignty of Azerbaijan.

So why don't you take your loved ones who work for us, transfer money. And work together at home?

Syria and Azerbaijan? We ourselves have about 900 thousand refugees from Karabakh. They will be returned to their homeland. The question of Syria is not here and cannot be.

So we want to decide on our territory how we live and be able to feed our children! Only now your diaspora "fattens" on our land and feeds you at our expense! We endure it, and do not drive them home! I am already silent about the showdown of your horsemen with the Armenians on our land! Maybe then we also need to show your compatriots "at the door"?

Yes, we are in Russia and does not interfere. As there is no interest. Officially, the Russian Federation recognizes that Karabakh is Azerbaijan, what else is ..? :)
Some people imagined that Russia would stand up for a territory that Armenia itself did not recognize, I remember. how the Ukrainian "truth-bearers of the Internet" were inspired.
It's just that on the very LINE OF DISTINCTION Turkey is undesirable and Russia has voiced this (Turkey is a party to the conflict, it fought). Otherwise, what kind of peacekeeping mission is it? And there, on your territory, place anyone you want. But won't there be too much about the Turkish forces and migrants from Syria for the Azerbaijanis themselves ..? You decide.

Eh "guest", Russia is not a "slob". There are no countries stronger than Russia (not to be confused with GDP). It's just that there is time for everything - ... time to collect stones, time to plow and time to harvest ...
You just don't need to rush to fight. But I agree, whoever constantly runs away from the war comes to that. It is necessary to demonstrate sometimes strength on presumptuous limitrophes so that others will respect.

This is the policy of our country and no one has the right to interfere in it. Karabakh is our land and who will set observation posts for us to decide. We do not interfere in other people's affairs and you don’t poke your nose into ours. Whether the Turks will be decided by our president. They are will stand on our land; they do not bother anyone.

Maybe so of course everything. But it seems that Russia is too slobber in practice to dictate detailed conditions for Ankara's actions.
Oh, it's a pity.

There are more show-off than reality. No matter how much Aliyev wants to please Erdogan, he clearly understands that a unilateral rejection of the peace agreement demanding the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers will lead, firstly, to the loss of face and recognition of his own incapacity and political lack of independence, and secondly, to very sharp retaliatory steps by Russia. namely, the recognition of the independence of Karabakh, relying, by the way, on the decision of the French Sent, with the subsequent conclusion of a protection treaty with the new independent state. Let them declare war if they dare.

What if you ask Azerbaijani business to leave Russia? Then the "re-election" of the president in Baku is not far off ...

Russia is not at war. Azerbaijan is not at war with Russia either. Even if Turkey wants "very much", then it is necessary to coordinate the desires with the possibilities, otherwise what kind of peacekeeping mission is this? The desire to create observation posts in spite of Russia and Armenia and, as the media write today, "to populate Karabakh with those who fought in Syria," should first of all alert Azerbaijan itself, as it looks like expansion.

Who would doubt that! Nagorno-Karabakh is a mini version of Syria and is just as endless!

In war, when "it is impossible, but really want to", the main prize goes to those who want more than not.