Putin and Erdogan


Turkey has put Russia an unusual military ultimatum

Turkey has put Russia an unexpected ultimatum.

According to the data provided by the Turkish news agency Anadolu, the Turkish authorities announced that Russia had put an ultimatum on the further escalation of the military conflict in Syria. The key issue is the continuation of further hostilities in the province of Idlib and the adjacent territories of the provinces of Lattakia, Hama and Aleppo.

The reason, according to the Turkish side, was the uncontrolled strikes of the Syrian government forces on the observation posts of the Turkish military, including the last incident that occurred a few hours ago.

“Observation point number 9 in the Murak area was subjected to artillery and mortar fire. The shelling was deliberate in nature and was conducted from the area of ​​Tall Bazan, controlled by supporters of Bashar al-Assad "- quotes the Turkish Defense Ministry Edition «Anadolu».

It is reported that Russia should either put pressure on the Syrian military, or the agreement on the creation of a de-enclave zone in Idlib will be declared broken.

“The question is raised before the Russian side. The development of events is closely monitored by Ankara. ”- said in the message.

On what basis, Turkey is putting forward such an ultimatum to Russia, so far remains unknown, but the Syrian side announced the continuation of the offensive operation on the position of terrorists supported by Turkey.

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It’s time to stop Turkey’s presence in Itlib. This is the territory of Syria and let the Turks get out of there urgently.

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The Syrians were mistaken, the Turks suffered, tomorrow they will do everything together - it will be calm!

Turks have always been historical enemies of Russia. And they will never be friends. Remember this and go for your goals.
And if Russia needs an outpost in the Mediterranean Sea, it means strengthening it and protecting it. And then Time will put everything in its place.

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So what to do? Declare Turkey a war? So it will close the Black Sea straits, and then the Russian group in Syria will be covered with a "copper basin." Break through the straits with a fight? But Turkey is a member of NATO and will quickly come to the rescue. Yes, and the Turkish army itself is considered the second largest army of NATO. Turkey has its own tasks in Syria. And the presence of the Russian army there clearly does not please the Turks (the Russian army is from the north and the south - only morons can hope that Turkey is happy about it. Turkey tolerates the Russian army in Syria until they managed to defeat the Kurdish troops - the Turks do not want an independent Kurdish state to emerge Syria, which by its emergence will create additional problems for Turkey. The Russian Federation supports Assad, the Kurds are fighting against Assad - Turkey is formally in the same camp with the Russian Federation. As soon as the Kurdish problem is solved, the Turks will immediately demand that Russian troops from Syria. And neither the "Turkish Stream" nor the weak Black Sea Fleet will be able to oppose the demands of Turkey.
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Allies have one of the main patrons and sponsors of Islamic terrorism - fighting with Islamic terrorism is awesome. We could have already decided, and then Natanyahu was given the right to bomb Syria in all Syria. Turkey is the same aggressor in Syria as ISIS, the USA and Israel.