Turkey "picked up" Russian S-400 during tests

Turkey began to search for "weaknesses" in the S-400 purchased from Russia.

The Russian media, referring to the arguments of foreign sources and military experts, reported that the Turkish military subjected the Russian S-400 Triumph systems to severe tests, in fact, "uncovering" all the capabilities of these air defense and missile defense systems, in order to identify "Weaknesses" and vulnerabilities.

“Tests of the Russian S-400s allowed the Turkish military to study the features of the application, evaluate the effectiveness of the Russian system and possibly find weaknesses. During the test of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, the Turkish military discovered aircraft and carried out so-called electronic launches on them. This allows us to simultaneously study the features of the application, evaluate the effectiveness, perhaps another goal was to find the weaknesses of the system ”- said in an interview with RIA Novosti, the former deputy commander of the Air Defense Forces of the USSR Ground Forces, Lieutenant General Alexander Luzan.

Specialists, in turn, do not see any attempts by Turkey to try to unravel Russian technologies - we are talking exclusively about testing Russian systems in all possible modes - China did the same, having received its S-400 systems from Russia. Nevertheless, it is rather strange that Turkey has not yet made a decision to put the Russian S-400 Triumph into service.

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Perhaps after the test, the data will be transferred to the Americans.

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