C-400 radar


Turkey told why C-400 does not suit her - they will fix it

It became known that Turkey is not satisfied with the Russian C-400.

After testing the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems, it became known that one of the points did not seriously suit the Turkish side. This is an interrogator that identifies air targets. In the near future, all interrogators in Turkish C-400 will be completely replaced.

“Turkey from Russia received the first set of S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems (air defense systems) with a Russian ground-based radar interrogator (NRZ), which will subsequently be replaced by a Turkish one. The American publication notes that the Russian NRH is compatible with NATO standards STANAG 4193 and international civilian CAO. This circumstance allows C-400 Triumph to track goals according to the principle “friend or foe” ”- reports "Tape", citing information from the American edition of "The Drive".

It should be clarified that in this way Turkey intends to fully combine the S-400 Triumph air defense systems acquired from Russia with the common air defense / missile defense system of the North Atlantic Alliance. At the same time, experts point out that the lack of criticism of Russian air defense systems means that these systems fully satisfy Ankara.

Experts do not exclude the possibility that if Washington refuses to sell the Patriot air defense systems and the F-35 fighter to Turkey, Ankara can indeed purchase another batch of S-400 Triumph air defense systems from Russia.