Fighter J-31


Turkey is considering buying Chinese J-31 fighter jets instead of Russian Su-57

Turkey may abandon the Russian Su-57 in favor of the fifth-generation Chinese fighter.

Despite the fact that earlier in Ankara they openly stated that if the United States refused to sell Turkey the F-35 fighters, the possibility of acquiring a large batch of Russian combat aircraft would be considered, it became known that the authorities of this country were actively interested in acquiring the Chinese party Fifth generation fighter jets Shenyang J-31.

According to the publication “Ahval News”, Turkey is currently considering the possibility of acquiring both Russian Su-57 fighters and Chinese fighters Shenyang J-31. According to journalists, Chinese-made warplanes have more chances to get into the armament of Turkey due to the relatively lower cost, however, on the other hand, the production of these fighters has not yet begun in China.

It should be clarified that the United States decided to exclude Turkey from the program to create F-35 fighter jets, in this connection, Turkey is already beginning to consider the possibility of buying fifth-generation fighter jets in other countries, however, to date, no agreement has been reached on this issue .