Turkey bombed a convoy with American armored vehicles in Syria

Turkish artillery hit the convoy with the US military.

Turkish artillery attacked an American military convoy, as a result of which several American armored vehicles were damaged, while the fire was fired without warning, and it was possible to avoid casualties among the American military personnel only by a miracle.

Information on this subject was voiced by one of the US military.

“He [the commander] told his soldiers that US troops would be stationed at one of the attacked sites. So we will have a demonstration of presence to prevent further attacks on our forces, ”says Quatter. The mission of US forces in Syria is now more complex and perhaps more dangerous. Quatter, 29, says that although US forces are doing all kinds of things in Syria, "our main mission is to ensure the safety of the oil infrastructure for use by our partners." These soldiers had to quickly move east last fall when Turkish troops invaded, cutting US supply lines and threatening US forces. "Captain Quattert says his soldiers came under fire from Turkish artillery and they nearly returned fire."- reports "National Public Radio".

Experts say that if the Turkish military really destroyed the American military convoy, then, probably, serious military clashes could be expected between Ankara and Washington in Syria, moreover, the latter are not excluded in the near future.

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