Turkey placed S-125 bought from Ukraine at Al-Vatiya airbase - they may not last even a week

Turkey replaced the MIM-2000 Hawk systems destroyed by Mirage 23 fighters with the Soviet S-125.

The modernized Soviet S-125 air defense systems acquired by Turkey a few days ago from Ukraine have already been deployed in Libya. According to sources, the complexes are located on the territory of Al-Vatiya airbase, where less than a week ago, as a result of an attack by UAE fighters, at least three Turkish MIM-23 “Hawk” systems, as well as Ukrainian radar and electronic warfare systems, were lost. In fact, Turkey took forced measures and began to buy up Soviet weapons, since the latter turned out to be several times better than what Ankara could provide the Libyan Government with national consent.

It is known that Turkey purchased at least 5 S-125 air defense batteries from Ukraine, however, sources claim that there are only three Soviet-designed complexes at Al-Vatiya airbase, which does not exclude the possibility that it is controlled somewhere by forces Libya's national consensus government posted two more batteries.

Specialists, in turn, draw attention to the fact that the deployment of the Soviet S-125 air defense systems to Libya is unlikely to change the balance of power in the region, since they can only be effective in repulsing attacks, since they have a short range for hitting aerodynamic targets.