Air Defense System


Turkey will deploy air defense systems that threaten the Russian Hmeimim airbase

Turkey announced the deployment of air defense systems covering the Hmeimim airbase.

According to the information provided by the Milli Gazeta, the Turkish-acquired C-400 Russian air defense systems will be located in the Turkish city Sanliurfa, located approximately 38 kilometers from the Syrian border. Taking into account the range of these air defense systems, Russian military bases located on the territory of the SAR fall into the radius of combat destruction, in particular, we are talking about Hmeimim airbase and naval base in Tartus, where Russian combat helicopters are also deployed.

For what reasons, Turkey decided to deploy its air defense and missile defense systems here, remains unknown, but taking into account the fact. that the C-400 “Triumph” is positioned as a reliable and resistant to the EW system, there is a certain threat to Russian aviation in this region, especially since Turkey is a member of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Among other things, if the C-400 air defense / missile defense systems are located in Sanliurfa, the Turkish military will be able to cover most of the Syrian military airbases, which casts doubt on the further struggle of the Syrian military aviation against the Turkish-supported terrorists in Idlib, Ham, Aleppo and Lattakia .

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