Turkey decided to act against Russia

In Ankara, they decided to arrange reprisals against Russia in the Black Sea.

The confidence and cooperation of Turkey and Russia, announced several months ago by Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is in jeopardy. The reason for this is Turkey’s intention to allow any NATO warships to pass from the Mediterranean Sea through the Istanbul Canal, the completion of which will circumvent the Montreux Convention, which could become a very serious threat to Russia.

“Erdogan plans to dig a 45-kilometer canal through Istanbul. However, he will not be subject to any international restrictions. For Erdogan, the canal is a priority project, which should bring him not only benefits and prestige, but also geopolitical power. "The Turkish president will not give up on his plan - he spoke about this quite often."- reports the German edition of Die Welt.

Experts believe that this can create a lot of problems for Russia, however, today the threat from Turkey lies not only in this, in particular, in the sky over the neutral waters of the Black Sea, Turkish combat aircraft began to fly more often, but only A few hours ago, the latter were seen accompanying American strategic bombers, which, according to some experts, imitated nuclear strikes in southern Russia and the Crimea.

“Such an alliance on the part of Turkey raises a lot of questions, not to mention the fact that in the spring the Turkish military tried several times to shoot down Russian military aircraft in the sky over Syria”, - the expert marks.

Declare that our sea border is guarded by automatic missiles. And there is no one to claim. It is notified that "in the courtyard is an evil dog", crossed - get it.

GDP thinks it is smarter than everyone in the world.))

Someone screwed up very much in 2016, helping Erdogan to remain in power during the coup in Turkey. Someone thought that after this Erdogan would kiss someone in the ass. However, shot down by the Turks in 2015, our plane did not teach anyone anything. In twenty years, we could become a worthy state and would now dictate our conditions in foreign policy. But in fact, we entertain ourselves that we are a superpower, though nobody in the world really counts with us.

Speaking right! They knock us down, and we shake hands! And you yourself know Putin! By......

I didn’t lie down. This option did not go anywhere. Due to the incapable economic elite of Russia in the first place. The country has become weak in everything. In addition to the Soyet nuclear shield. Which inherited from the country in the inheritance of Russia. Which keeps enemies from attacking. If not for him. We would no longer be there.

Russia has two allies - the army and navy, and there are many more enemies, and the most important and vile enemies of Russia are our power (the power itself convinces me of this).

What kind of partnership are we talking about? It is not a partnership, but a simple desire to sell, to anyone and anything, just to earn money and to pull apart! The whole leadership has been living like this for more than a decade!

Erdogan always has a knife in his bosom and he is ready to stick it in our back when he needs it. And Putin calls him his friend and hugs him. Forgot how they shot down our plane? How does he now look into the eyes of the relatives of the deceased pilot?

Whatever you want to write, but as long as money is at the forefront, nothing will change!

The Montreux Convention, implies the simultaneous presence in the Black Sea of ​​ships of the Black Sea basin, and not passing through the strait.

It seems like Putin saved Erdogan during a coup attempt ?! Well, who really can’t be trusted! Yes, interesting human relationships!

Do not worry there. You just need to take for obvious accompaniment with sights everything that enters the zone of 400 km from the borders. And rarely anyone will have a desire to walk there.
Do you enjoy walking 100 meters from the fences of the high security colonies? At gunpoint? Especially, suddenly, which of us is sneezing?

Now everything has fallen into place. Not one fool in the world would ever think of arming a potential enemy with the latest weapons, forgiving the killing of an ambassador, a downed plane that did not pose a threat to Turkey. Allow Israel and the United States to launch missiles and air strikes on the territory Syria. So there is an agreement, do not touch your own. The hour is uneven, rockets will fly to us, despite the extremely advertised S-400.

Turkey can become an enemy of Russia in 1 minute ...

There was no need to climb into Syria. This is a Turkish glade.

Turkey ALWAYS tricked Russia.

Then the local construction battalion will dig this channel with shovels under our guidance.

Are the Turks immortal, or what?
Maybe their "Satan" or "Yars" does not take ?!

This suggests that GDP is a narrow-minded person. Our downed plane taught him nothing, and Erdogan has repeatedly stabbed Putin in the back.

Preventive nuclear strike

This is very disturbing!

And our tourists will help the Turks in bringing the currency from Russia.

Let Gromyko's words be remembered.
Gromyko (USSR Foreign Minister) told American journalists at a cocktail party at the White House that for a passage to the Mediterranean, the USSR Black Sea Fleet would need only a couple of volleys of missiles. As a result of this, in addition to the Bosphorus, two more passages will appear in the Mediterranean, but, alas, there will be no Istanbul.

to believe a Turk is dearer to himself. No wonder Peter the First bequeathed - Do not believe the Turk! Believe us, we get it in full!

Russia has 2 allies: army and navy

This has long been understood. It’s strange if you haven’t prepared for this.

This is stale news. A year ago, they wrote about the new channel and about the possible consequences

Russia itself has led to a dead end in relation to its neighbors. It is necessary to be friends, not to fight.

The result of another ingenious multi-step.

Erdogan needs the Istanbul Canal as a tool for making money and as another reason to bargain with Russia. The fifth point of the merchant, he understands that everything is already decided. The region will be controlled by Russia.

Nefig sell our resources for free

What channel can you dig there? There is already a whole strait ..

No need to spit on international law, then other countries will respect your rights. You need to look for friends, and not make enemies for yourself.

well done as his country is profitable and does