Tank destroyed


Turkey: Russia captures Turkish light tank in Syria

The Russian military captured a Turkish tank in Syria.

The Russian Armed Forces captured the Turkish “light tank” in Syria and successfully transported it to Russia. This was reported by Turkish information resources showing a photograph of a destroyed armored vehicle destroyed during an attack on the position of the SAA. The destroyed Turkish tank, which is actually an ACV-15 armored personnel carrier, was indeed destroyed by a Russian-made ATGM missile (they were actively used by the Syrian army to repel Turkish attacks and jihadists - approx. Ed.), As evidenced by previously taken photographs and videos with Russian military journalists.

At the moment, it is known that photographs of the destroyed Turkish tank were taken in the Patriot Park, where other weapons of the Turkish military and the Islamists controlled by them are located.

Nevertheless, the tank is a trophy demonstrating the successes of the Russian military on the territory of Syria, and questions should be specifically addressed to the Turkish side, which supplies the so-called "Moderate opposition" by armored vehicles.

Judging by the damage received, the rocket not only successfully destroyed the vehicle, but literally melted its armor, as evidenced by photographs taken even in Syria - a huge black spot on the concrete fence is part of the molten armor, which indicates that Russia there really is a good weapon to counter such armored vehicles.

And what the Turks do there. We are officially there, if you do not like it, bring it home.