Turkey: Russian S-400s have not passed tests - adoption of weapons systems has been delayed until the end of the year

Russian S-400 delivered to Turkey could not pass the necessary tests.

The Russian S-400 air defense systems delivered to Turkey last year failed to pass the required tests, as reported by the Turkish media. It is known that precisely for this reason the complexes are still not deployed and put on combat duty - Ankara intends to decide their fate before the end of this year.

“S-400s are currently based at Myrted Air Base, which is located near the Turkish capital. Tests are scheduled to continue until November 26. Turkey began testing radars associated with its new Russian S-400 using the American F-16 Viper and F-4 Phantom II fighters, contrary to US warnings that this “activation” of anti-aircraft missile systems could trigger new sanctions. ”- Fighter Jets World reports, citing data from the Turkish defense department and Turkish media.

In fact, this explains why the S-400s handed over to Turkey have not yet been adopted by this country, however, it is quite remarkable that there are some inaccuracies in the published article, which raises a number of questions regarding the veracity of such information.

“At the moment, Ankara does not comment on the ongoing S-400 tests. The Turkish defense department reported that the deployment is already underway, which should confirm that the Russian systems are already tested and ready to be put on combat duty, however, this does not exclude that Ankara decided to show the Russian systems to its NATO partners in order to avoid critics - this is quite acceptable and therefore the timing of the adoption of the "Triumphs" into service and were shifted to the end of this year", The analyst notes.

Probably forgot to put the Su 57 with the "Dagger"