Shot down a drone


Turkey shot down a Russian drone that was tracking Turkish troops in northern Syria

The Turkish military shot down a Russian drone over northern Syria.

Turkish servicemen opened fire on the Russian reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle "Orlan-10" and shot it down over northern Syria. According to the data available to the news agency Avia., The Turkish military did not like the fact that the drone was tracking the Turkish military and jihadists controlled by Turkey. In addition, the incident took place during another clash between the Turkish military and Kurdish formations, which, according to the Turkish side, could help the Kurds obtain objective information and counterattack Turkish troops.

“A Russian drone has been lost in northeastern Syria. At the time of the plane crash, the Turkish side was engaged in fierce battles with Kurdish troops. On August 11, a Russian drone Orlan-10 crashed in the northern part of Al-Hasakah province in northeastern Syria. The drone crashed near the city of Al-Matmura. At the time, fighters from the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces fought fierce battles with Turkish forces in the nearby area. At least two militants, Turkey-backed insurgents, were killed in the clash. ", - reports the publication "Soha".

Since the beginning of the year, this is the fourth Orlan-10 reconnaissance drone lost in Syria. Earlier it was reported that the largest number of drones were lost in the northwest of the Arab Republic, that is, over the territory controlled by Turkish troops and jijadists. Given the reported data, the current drone was shot down in the northeast of the country.

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