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Turkey hides from Russia delivery of 48 more Bayraktar TB2 attack drones to Ukraine

Turkey has signed an unspoken contract with Ukraine for the supply of 48 more attack drones.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are currently armed with up to 36 Bayraktar TB2 attack unmanned aerial vehicles, 24 of which were secretly transferred by the Turkish side specifically for a military solution to the situation in Donbass. Moreover, in the near future the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive another 24 drone drone of this type. This will allow Ukraine to use up to 60 attack drones at the same time, in fact, bombarding Donbas with numerous bombs and missiles.

“Turkey has sold to Ukraine significantly more armed drones. This caused a reproach from Russia, as previously reported, and new deals will be concluded in the near future. The Bayraktar TB2 drones, first released in October to destroy mobile artillery in the breakaway Donbas region of Ukraine, are valuable items in a promising relationship that has made Turkey one of Kiev's most important sponsors. ", - reports the publication "Bloomberg", referring to both Turkish and Ukrainian drones.

We are talking about an additional 24 attack drones. At the moment, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are armed with 36 drones of this type, however, in the near future (the timing has not yet been specified, - editor's note), Ukraine will receive 24 more shock drones from Turkey. In turn, this will become a very serious threat to Donbass. It should be noted that it was previously reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may not be armed with 12 drones, but "at least 30 drones."

A few hours earlier, a rather tough conversation took place between Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan, in which the Russian leader demanded that the Turkish president influence Kiev, which violates the Minsk agreements by using Turkish UAVs in Donbas.

Why do you want to know? Erdogan's house is "on fire" now. The main thing for him now is to make the right decisions: how, in pursuit of profit from the sale of UAVs, Ukraine does not lose something more from Russia

Well, now there are no friends or enemies. Everything according to the situation. Which NATO member, pursuing a neo-Ottoman policy, opposing in Syria, Libya, Karabakh, Ukraine, is Turkey's friend? What kind of enemy is she, who buys the S-400 from Russia in opposition to the instructions of the United States, transits Russian gas bypassing Ukraine, and simply the "All-Russian health resort" No. 2? Everything according to the situation and none of the "partners" is going to "dance to the tune" of the other

Here is a "thank you" from Erdogan for the "Turkish Stream", for the fact that the ambassador was shot with impunity and the plane was shot down, wait, he will resell the S-400 to Ukraine ...

The most interesting question here is why this new deal is "secret" and from whom? Hence, you might think that before that, the bailiffs were supplied with a notification and with the approval of Russia? And in general, is it worth continuing this long flirtation with the Turks? Who are they in general for Russia - friend or foe? Isn't it time to decide on this issue finally, in the face of the coming apocalypse?

Interestingly, does Erdogan know that they talked to him harshly?

It was immediately clear, without intelligence and insider information, by the way the Ukrainian "non-brothers" behave like mischievous children: we have a lot of such pepelats, well, they will shoot down 1, 2, ... 10 ... All the same, it is enough to deal with such territory like Donbass or Crimea. But they, like children, are led by advertising and momentary profit. However, the damage to Ukraine due to the commissioning of the "Turkish Stream" has already amounted to more than 1 billion euros. But the "children" are playing pranks, the Ukrainian carnival continues, in the Rada they vote for a synthesizer and pmpers for Ze

During a tough conversation with the Sultan, Putin received all the apologies for another dagger in the back?

who prevents the Kurds from selling a batch of anti-tank portable systems if they do not know how to negotiate

But Erdogan says that he had a tough talk with Putin ....... About the Turkish Crimea too.

And to whom should Turkey report?

Great news that our President had a tough talk with Erdogan. This instills (along with the neighboring message about a possible attack by our 500 fighters of the Ukrainian army) confidence in our victory. Is it possible to find out what Erdogan answered?

"A few hours earlier (at the initiative of the Turkish side ?!), a rather tough conversation took place between Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan, in which the Russian leader demanded that the Turkish president influence Kiev ..."