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Turkey is going to buy the American "Patriot" because the S-400 were ineffective

Turkey turned to the United States for the purchase of Patriot air defense systems because the S-400s were unreliable.

The Syrian information network "Rojava Network", referring to the words of a senior representative of the US Department of Defense, reports that the key reason why Ankara sent Washington an official request for the purchase of the Patriot air defense system is the inefficiency of the Russian S-400b that have not yet been fully deployed in Turkey, at the same time, in Ankara they started allegedly declaring that Russia was an unreliable partner when selling the S-400.

“A senior Pentagon official said the US will not promote the Patriot air defense system to assist Turkey in the ongoing conflict in Idlib, despite Turkey’s official request in this regard. The official said that NATO will not help Turkey in any conflict in Syria, given that the problem is bilateral between Turkey, on the one hand, and Russia and Syria, on the other. The official added that Turkey is beginning to feel that Russia is not an honest and “reliable” partner, and therefore they will soon find that the Russian S-400 air defense systems are ineffective ”- notes "Rojava Netwrok".

It should be clarified that Turkey did indeed send the US an official request for the supply of Patriot systems, however, this was primarily motivated by the need to control airspace over the northwestern part of Syria, and therefore, the arguments of the American side are unconvincing.

a little confused over the years, but Erdogan would have been more careful ...- "The Greeks will return to Constantinople 600 years after they left it. After 600 years - 2053. 7. One third of the Turks will lose their lives, one third will accept Orthodoxy, and one a third will live in deserts. Armenia will receive its lands back. The Kurdish people will create their own country ... ... The Orthodox Cross will shine on Sofia, in Constantinople, Holy Russia will fill with smoke of incense and prayers and prosper, like the heavenly krin ... "

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Then how do the Chinese (unlike the Russian Federation) have already put into service the 5th generation aircraft?)))

C400 deliveries to Turkey have not yet been completed, the complex is not deployed and does not work, therefore it is ineffective .. where is the logic?

Just the Turks understand that Russia has done everything necessary so that the S-400 could not be used against the Russian air forces! Even the Su-35 delivered to China is equipped with a special engine modification that cannot be dismantled for illegal copying purposes. Naturally, with regard to the Turks, hedged even more.