Turkey is about to shoot down Russian planes taking off from the Khmeimim air base

Turkey threatens Russia to shoot down fighters over the Khmeimim air base.

A few hours ago, Turkish air defense systems MIM-23 Hawk were transferred to the Syrian province of Idlib, which, against the backdrop of threats made to the Russian military, may indicate that Ankara is planning to shoot down Russian aircraft directly over the Khmeimim airbase.

In the video presented by the Twitter account of Last Defender, you can see the transportation of the Turkish MIM-23 Hawk air defense system, which is capable of hitting aerodynamic targets at distances of up to several tens of kilometers, which makes it possible to cover even the Russian military Khmeimim air base, which carries very serious risks for the Russian military.

At present, the situation in Syrian Idlib and Aleppo is relatively calm, since real clashes between the Syrian army and militants can be avoided, however, given the fact that the ultimatum of Russia on Idlib expires already next Wednesday, the Russian and Syrian military can resume the offensive operation related to the liberation of Syrian territory.

“If Erdogan thinks he can use his air defense against Russian aircraft, then he is very mistaken. Any aggression directed against Russia in the Arab Republic will result in very serious problems for Turkey, including a retaliatory strike on the territory of this state. ”, - the expert marks.


Now, our warriors will have a real enemy, and militants in jeeps

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Why did Putin help the sultan in his time, by sending him from being torn apart by the Turkish military during an attempted coup, one can only guess

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Israel has already been dirty about the Russian plane, and the Turks shot down ... But there are no consequences for them - that's impudent, thinking about the absence of any risk! Now, if all Turkish bullets were destroyed after an attempted shelling, then the next time they did not dare to shoot! But our gut is thin, they only know how to talk and declare protests!

"... including the question of a retaliatory strike against the territory of this state" - and leave the entire group without supplies, is this option not considered? Turks have the right to block the Bosphorus, and then for the Russian Federation, the Black Sea automatically turns into the Caspian. The head had to be thought before climbing into Syria!

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