Turkey breaks ceasefire on Idlib, announcing attack by Syrian army

Turkey accused Syria of destroying its military convoy.

Having secured the delivery of enough weapons and ammunition to the terrorists and deployed additional artillery and armored vehicles to Idlib, Turkey stated that Syria had violated the agreements concluded between Moscow and Ankara, hinting at the resumption of attacks against the SAA.

According to the Turkish military and terrorists, the attack on the Turkish military convoy in the area of ​​Safrin was organized by the Syrian military. It is known that at least one Turkish armored car was blown up on a makeshift explosive device, and three more armored vehicles were seriously damaged, not to mention the wounded, while the area itself is under tight control of the militants, and therefore, about any provocation from the side of the SAA there can be no question.

Experts believe that such provocations are created by Turkey specifically in order to legalize the military invasion of Syria.

“It is absolutely clear that Turkey is not in Syria for peace, as Ankara claims, because it supports terrorists. Now Turkey needs an excuse in order to start a military operation in Idlib and Aleppo, and such "attacks" on the Turkish military are an excellent argument. Obviously, Turkey wants to resume the military operation, and most likely will do so in the very near future. ”, - the expert marks.