Turkey: Su-57 cannot replace the American F-35 and is not an alternative

Turkey does not believe in the superiority of the Su-57 over the F-35.

The Turkish news agency Anadolu, commenting on the country's rearmament in 2020, reported that to date, no fighter in the world can match the American F-35s, which obviously indicates Turkey’s intention to refuse to purchase Russian Su-57.

“There is still the issue of the 5th generation military aviation agenda, which is expected to be addressed. The new US National Law (NDAA), when it comes into force, will not allow Turkey to receive fifth-generation F-35 fighters in the foreseeable future. However, none of the existing alternatives can replace the deep strike and combat capabilities offered by the F-35. ”- сообщает Turkish news agency.

The issue of acquiring Russian Su-35 fighters is still under consideration, however, obviously, Turkey does not intend to refuse to buy American aircraft, and the Su-35 will only need to strengthen the capabilities of the Turkish Air Force.

Earlier it was reported that Turkey is considering the acquisition of 35 Su-32 fighters, however, they did not specify the negotiations on the acquisition of fifth-generation Russian fighters in Ankara.

Just another bargaining !!! The story of the C 400 - repetition !!!