Turkey strikes Syrian military base

Turkey has carried out one of the largest attacks on a Syrian military base in recent years.

The attack was carried out on a base where the Syrian military was stationed, monitoring the implementation of agreements between Russia, Damascus and Ankara on de-escalation in the region. As a result of an unexpected attack by the Turkish military, eight Syrian soldiers were killed, while at least ten more soldiers were injured in various ways.

Turkey noted that they allegedly did not know that the Syrian military was at the facility, however, as journalists found out, Ankara personally took part in approving the creation of this observation post in 2019 under agreements with Russia, as a result of which Ankara's arguments are completely unacceptable.

“During the strike of the Turkish Armed Forces near the city of Ain el-Arab, eight servicemen of the SAR Armed Forces were killed, more than ten were injured. The injured were taken to the hospital. It is noteworthy that Ankara knew about the location of the military facility of government troops, because. it was created there in accordance with the agreement between Turkey and Russia in 2019", - informs "Telegram" channel "Directorate 4".

Such an attack may be related to Turkey's intentions to stage a provocation in order to legally launch a military operation in Syria.


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