Turkey threatens Damascus with crushing blows

Turkey threatens Syria with crushing blows.

After the Turkish authorities announced the beginning of the Turkish invasion of northern Syria, with the intentions to seize territory located in the line between cities such as Tel Rifat, Manbij, Ain Issa and Tel Tamr, Turkish leader Recep Erdogan, whose rating reached one from the lowest indicators for the entire period of his tenure in power, said that crushing blows would be inflicted on the Syrian troops and the situation would radically change for Damascus.

"Turkey is determined to fight the forces of the Syrian regime and the US-backed Kurdish groups, and from now on, the fight will be completely different."- said Erdogan.

It is noteworthy that a Turkish military plane entered the Syrian airspace the day before and began dropping leaflets on Tel Rifat calling to leave the area due to the cleansing of the city from Kurdish formations.

Nevertheless, experts draw attention to the fact that Ankara is unlikely to want to escalate, knowing full well that the Russian military will immediately respond to any invasion of the Turkish army in Tel Rifat, and Ankara's ignoring this will force Russia to start strikes against Turkish positions.

“The Russian side is not interested in Erdogan's personal ambitions, while Syria is a Russian ally. Any aggression against the Syrian army will result in a serious confrontation with Russia, and this is the biggest problem for Turkey. ", - the expert marks.

It is known that the Syrian air defense systems deployed in the Aleppo province are on full alert, and the attempts of the Turkish army to attack these areas in the north of the Arab republic will be immediately stopped by missile launches.

Dear friend, do not worry and it will not be necessary, otherwise another leader of the nation will chew his tie ..

Turkey has never fought Syria and the Syrian people. She fights against the criminal dictatorial regime of Assad and against criminals-mercenaries of the Iranian fascist regime.

After Russia loses gas transit, another president loyal to Russia will appear in Turkey and gas transit will continue.

after Russia loses gas transit, another president loyal to Russia will appear in Turkey and gas will again go to Europe.

Erdogan is a child of the east, and the east, as you know, is a delicate matter, so subtle that intimidation of the enemy is commonplace both for a simple bandit and for a head of state, even for such a powerful one as Turkey.

unfortunately, in russia, Newton's third law has long been forgotten and all its blows outside turn into devastation inside

You will be happy to buy the contents of the pipes))
And we will accept tomatoes better than Turkish ones, we have learned to grow hedgehogs in Crimea and Rostov

Russia to Erdogan will remember all their sins ... And the death of our pilots and downed planes ...

Syrians and pay

How dare they. Have you forgotten about the downed plane? And gas, even to heat it, and money for transit is also needed. This stream will go through Ukraine, if anyone. Ukraine will be glad.

You messed everything up, it is Russia that buys tomatoes, and at the same time sends tourists who bring considerable income to the Turkish treasury, and Erdogan will also lose a lot of things.

For a long time I have not eaten Turkish agricultural products; vegetables are tasteless. tangerines are worse than Moroccan and Uruguayan and South Africa.

Russia, as always, will take the position "neither ours nor yours"

Shooting down Jewish planes is difficult. They are covered with civilian sides every time.

Russia will hit the Turks ..

As for the missile launches by the Syrian army: who pays for these missiles, which fly "into the white world, like a pretty penny"? Not otherwise than Russian taxpayers ?! If Syria paid for them, they would have already learned how to shoot down their planes.

The Russians will not even dare to squeak, otherwise they will deprive the buyer of the contents of the pipe and tomatoes.