Turkey threatens the US with Russian Su-35 and Su-57

Turkey began to threaten the United States with Russian Su-35 and Su-57 fighters.

After the United States extended sanctions against Turkey and announced the most likely ban on the sale of not only F-35 fighters, but also F-16 fighters to the Turkish military, Turkey began to threaten the American military transition to Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighters and fighters generation 4 ++ Su-35.

“The head of the Turkish defense-industrial complex, Ismail Demir, said that Turkey could acquire Russian Su-35 and Su-57 fighters if the United States freezes the sale of F-16 fighters. The Turkish presidential administration said last week that Ankara would consider adding more F-16s to its air fleet in place of the more advanced F-35s after Turkey was dropped from the joint strike fighter program. “If the process [of purchasing and upgrading the F-16] does not bring results, then Turkey will not be left without alternatives. If necessary, the theme of the Su-35 and Su-57 can be opened at any time. Our industry will do everything to ensure our safety and if something additional is required, we can always find a way out, "Demir said on the air of the Channel 7 TV channel.", - reports the publication "EurAsian Times".

Nevertheless, the issue of selling Russian fighters to Turkey is under a very big question. In particular, this is due to the aggressive rhetoric of Turkey towards Russia and Russian allies.

“Turkey declares Russia's occupation of Crimea, threatens to crush Russia in Syria, threatens Armenia, etc. It is possible that Moscow will not be interested at all in a deal with such a partner as Ankara. Turkey has already been offered Russian Su-35 and Su-57, but Ankara said that these are not the highest quality aircraft. Well, now let the Turkish pilots fly on outdated combat vehicles. ", - the analyst underlines.

It should be noted that today there are a number of questions regarding whether the contract for the supply of the second set of S-400 air defense systems for service with the Turkish army will take place, and, despite the fact that Turkey is trying to put pressure on Russia through the S-400, these weapons are needed primarily by the Turkish army.

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