Turkey claims that the US threw out 250mln. dollars to the wind


Turkey claims that the US threw out 250mln. dollars to the wind

Massive popular festivals in a country that has been subjected to a missile attack are quite a rare phenomenon. Surprisingly, a few hours after the military operation of the United States, France and Britain, the streets of Damascus were filled with crowds of people, holding demonstrations with victorious exclamations. The question naturally arises: "What are the rejoicing of these people who risked their lives hours earlier, during a rocket attack"?

And they were glad that their fears were in vain. In the direction of Damascus and Homs, the Western European countries have produced 105 missiles, but because of the firing of fire at several military and scientific facilities, the destruction of civilian quarters was avoided.

Early in the morning, when people were feasting on the streets of Syria, President Bashar Assad was photographed on his way to his office with a briefcase in his hands. He simply took up his duties, thereby showing no concern at the state level. A little later he also expressed relief from the fact that it was all over.

Fictitious fight?

The leaders of the three states that organized the missile attack have their own thoughts on the military operation carried out on the night of April 14. President Trump said the operation was successful. British Prime Minister May said that the airstrike was aimed at specific targets and was not intended to overthrow the current regime in Syria. French President Macron stressed that the attack was aimed at deterrence.

Russia took the position of the viewer and, besides condemning, showed no reaction. In fact, during the operation, the attacking party took great care not to cause damage that would directly affect Russia. It seems that everything that happened did not go beyond the information known to the parties to the conflict, that is, in fact it was a fictitious battle.

Nevertheless, the events of a week ago, unfolding under the pretext of using chemical weapons in the Duma, because of the confrontation between the US and Russia, brought the world to the threshold of war. Then the top leadership of the most powerful countries in the military potential seemed to be walking along the blade of a knife - one wrong action could lead to a global crisis. To date, we can say that the risk of developing the worst scenario for humanity is minimized.

Was the attack justified?

Raising the question of how useful the missile airstrike was, and evaluating the financial investment of the American side ($ 250 million), it suggests that the benefits of the operation were negligible.

Frankly, after the massacre of Duma residents using rocket weapons, Turkey, like many other countries in the world, wanted to see the reaction of the West to this. However, even then it was clear that the operation was doomed to remain ostentatious or symbolic. And it happened. The Assad army took control of the city of the Duma, and the missile attack did not affect the military potential of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The United States, together with its allies, tried to show that, in spite of everything, they remain the main players in Syria. And, perhaps, the main result of what happened is a demonstration of involvement in this process.

Now all aspirations and expectations, taking into account the present state of affairs, are aimed at a diplomatic settlement of the issue and the establishment of peace.

Only after the conflict has been exhausted, one can say: "It was worth so much excitement ...».

looking against whom. there are those who like the West. but to me is communist China. I will not go to war against communism.

.. and where to go .. she is the only one in a normal person ... with quite a lot of people talked in different situations and not even righteous people, but at all the feeling of connection with the motherland was present, that in the end result always helped to overcome any difficulties ... the motherland is everything ...

We have enough Kalashs for everyone and will all go to defend their homeland in contrast to the Pindos

The fact that the Pindos are puffing, and the rest can not do anything, is understandable. What Russia has not done or done is done, otherwise everything, we, yes, we ....

Total: 105 missiles were fired; 71 missiles were shot down by Syrian air defenses; 2 missiles "disappeared without a trace" (later it turned out that they were being studied in Moscow). The specialists came to the conclusion that there is nothing advanced and "smart" in these two "Tomahawks" ...

Nina, you are right, I have been waiting for the Americans lately, I have become old, there is no one to clean the potatoes, the house for my daughter needs to be completed, but we have a lot of things to do in Russia, we really need prisoners, especially blacks (that is, ugh, African Americans), so let us be "captured", maybe they will do something worthwhile for Siberia, they have been striving there for a long time.

About the people you are at 100 percent right, but I did not understand what kind of people you meant?

You are right Nina: God is with Russia. America and Europe will not. It's a pity people, but the people are always responsible for their rulers.

Valera, one ax is worth about 2mln $ now multiply by 105 and add costs for planes and ships and where did you get 250000.

The attack cost 250 thousand dollars. And how much was the reflection of this attack?

Never. Amers need only poke into the shit that they did. But they will say, as in that humor of Ilf and Petrov - no, it does not stink.

And yet, whose planes can fly freely over Syria ?? )))

The US Army needs to spend 103 rockets, each weighing a ton to destroy all 3 unprotected civilian buildings, that's all you need to know about the effectiveness of these missiles and about the truthfulness of the Pentagon's statements.

250 million US dollars will be paid for by the export (army) of Syrian oil. In total it is necessary to steal 50 millions of oil details.

well, their public debt will be more by 250 million and all of them are what

Some of the "classics" said: "With such an ally, enemies are not necessary."

in the end, when the West starts to tell the truth? so already tired of this nonsense of a blue mare, and the farther that is stupid and stupid, would teach our history without enemies and understand the bass that Russia always only defends itself and gives ata to all who attack us

And n.rath, we will take care of them, because it will be worse for the good.

And Turkey has always been this way and will remain the same ...

Events helped us see the true face of Turkey

Russia did not stay idle, she drove submarines, see on YouTube. And in Syria did not get involved in a shootout, because she did not want to unleash the third world. The amers brazenly lie and the rod, because no one can punish them for that. Look on YouTube and you you will find something and how much they have already done bad for other countries, including Russia and you also on YouTube, you can find their current goal, namely, that they dream to capture Russia and try to do it faster, because soon American land will soon not be. The volcano is already coming to life and is not small (see tubes) .They want to Russian earth to save their asses, not in vain because NATO bases near our borders already stoyat.Skripali, himataka sanctions, Syria, etc.- it's all just an excuse.
I do not know what it's all about, but I hope that GOD is with us and he will help us.



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