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Turkey, in response to threats to Armenia, intends to strike at the Armenian nuclear power plant

After Armenia's threat to use Iskander OTRK against Turkey, it was threatened with a strike on the nuclear power plant.

In response to the recent statement by the Armenian Ministry of Defense about its intentions to strike at Turkish territory using Iskander tactical missile systems, if Ankara starts an aggression against Yerevan, there have been calls in Turkey to attack the Armenian nuclear power plant with the first strikes, which, taking into account the relief and the wind rose , threatens the complete destruction of the state.

Despite the fact that Armenia is armed with a fairly large number of all kinds of air defense means, the Armenian Armed Forces do not have the means capable of effectively intercepting missiles, and therefore, the threat from Turkey is indeed present.

“The existing air defense systems may be enough to repel a strike by 20-30 missiles, however, if we are talking about large-scale strikes, using military aircraft and MLRS, then just one missile that fell on a nuclear power plant can lead to a catastrophe of incredible proportions. I would like to hope that Turkey understands what this will lead to ", - the analyst notes.

At the moment, we are talking only about appeals, however, Ankara does not officially indicate its position, which, by the way, does not share Erdogan, who threatens Armenia with a total blow.