Turkish Air Force pilot


Turkey is preparing to air invasion of Syria

The Turkish Air Force is prepared air equipment for the invasion of Syria.

Such information appeared on the eve of the afternoon, while there is irrefutable evidence that the Turkish command is conducting intensive preparation of its equipment for probably possible sorties into Syria and the application of air strikes. Nevertheless, it is worth clarifying that the Syrian military has modern air defense systems, including with the support of the Russian Federation Air Force, which, in turn, even with the approach of Turkish aircraft to the Syrian border, will allow to bring air defense systems in readiness.

However, official statements the Turkish command has reacted very harshly, saying that the information provided is unproven and does not correspond to the actual state of affairs.

Amused: 'Syrian military with modern means of air defense. " Vagrants Turks, slap their Russian S-300. And then say, 'but it's not us, it is' the Syrian air defense !!!)))