C-400 Turkey


Turkey first spoke of the sale of Washington to the Russian S-400

For the first time, Turkey voiced its desire to sell Russian S-400s to Washington.

After the United States announced the purchase of Russian Triumph S-400 air defense systems from Ankara, Turkey decided to talk about its vision of such actions, despite the fact that Russia forbids such resale. Omer Celik, spokesman for the ruling Turkish Justice and Development Party, said that Ankara does not want to quarrel with Moscow, however, the problem is rather not that, but that Turkey needs systems that can protect Turkey from external threats, due to with which, the sale of S-400 to Washington is excluded.

“Ankara is the end user of the system it acquired. If a country purchased F-16 fighter jets, then it does not resell them to another country; there are also no legal grounds for reselling the S-400 system ”- RIA Novosti reports.

Experts believe that such actions on the part of Turkey will affect the further strengthening of military-technical cooperation with Russia, however, quite a lot of questions are raised by the fact that the S-400 has not yet been accepted by Turkey on combat alert, although from the time of their delivery to this the country has already passed almost a year, which nevertheless raises some concerns.

It should be clarified that the United States promised to impose sanctions against Turkey as soon as Ankara officially adopts Russian air defense systems.

Why print this fake? Under the terms of the S-400 sale to Turkey, it cannot sell military equipment bought from Russia to third countries ...

The title is very ... "intriguing", but in fact - so far no one is going to sell ... However, the Turks can say anything and then - the official Ankara is still silent, but this is for the time being ....