Turkey still missed the Russian S-400 on a training missile. Video

Experts compared two S-400 combat launches - the Turkish missile was unable to hit the target.

Despite the fact that the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems hit air targets with almost 100% probability, during Turkey's tests of Russian complexes, the anti-aircraft guided missile still could not shoot down the training target, as evidenced by video footage taken from various angles and cadres of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which are an example of how an air target is intercepted.

In the video footage published by the Turkish military, you can see that the released anti-aircraft guided missile flies along a rather unusual trajectory - after launch, the missile is directed vertically upward, obviously without capturing the target, or attacking the latter when it was within a radius of 1-2 kilometers from the site start-up. Further, absolutely nothing happens - there is no explosion, no sound reminiscent of a missile hitting an aerodynamic target.

Comparing the personnel of the Turkish military with the personnel of the Russian Ministry of Defense, one can see a cardinal difference between the two tests - the missile is instantly aimed at the target and at the final stage successfully hits it, as evidenced by the explosion and the resulting cloud of smoke.

Moreover, experts pay attention to the fact that, despite Ankara's statement about testing three anti-aircraft guided missiles at once, in reality, we are talking about only one launch, which raises many questions in this regard.

The second video does not launch the S-400 rocket at all, since there is no exit from the container with a powder charge. The rocket is simply launched from the launcher. Fairy Edition

And nothing that the S-400 hits targets at a distance of 2 km?