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Turkey drove the Americans out of Syria in 2 days. What does Russia expect?

Under the attacks of Turkey, the US military left Syria in two days, and Russia fights for several years.

Contrary to Washington’s initial statements that the US military would be in Syria even under the condition of a Turkish military operation, the Turkish army needed only two days to leave the US military in the north of the Arab Republic. Nevertheless, Russia did not demonstrate its readiness to confront the US military, and therefore, the latter not only strengthened their influence in Syria, but also created obstacles for the Russian and Syrian military.

According to experts, despite the information that with the US withdrawal from Syria, the Russian military created a no-fly zone over the territory taken under control, to date, American military aircraft move in these areas quite freely, as evidenced by the military operation against the former terrorist leader , the transfer of the US military to the areas where Russian units are located, as well as uncontrolled attacks by the US Air Force on already abandoned regions.

“Despite active criticism of the United States, the Russian military failed to protect the northern part of Syria from flying. Turkish drones, American helicopters and airplanes appear here regularly. ”, - experts note.

On the other hand, Russian combat aircraft are regularly observed over the northern part of Syria, which indicates, most likely, the fact that the US simply ignores Russia's warnings.