Turkey detained a Russian ship at the request of Ukraine

The Russian ship was detained by the Turkish military and border guards.

The Turkish military and border guards detained a Russian ship transporting grain in the territorial waters of Turkey. The ship was detained at the request of Ukraine, which tried to accuse Russia of stealing grain, although it did not provide any meaningful arguments. Information on this subject is provided by the Reuters news agency.

"Turkish customs authorities have detained a Russian cargo ship with grain, which, according to Ukraine, is stolen," the Ukrainian ambassador to Turkey said on Sunday. - Ambassador Vasily Bodnar said on Ukrainian national television. Bodnar said that the fate of the ship will be decided at a meeting of investigators on Monday.", - reports the information agency "Reuters".

According to some reports, the Turkish authorities intend to analyze the grain on board the detained Russian ship. If certain markers coincide during the examination, Turkey may bring quite serious charges against Russia, although experts believe that in reality, Ankara and Kyiv are trying to set up a serious provocation against Russia, especially since the detained ship was detained illegally, but only on based on accusations from Kyiv.