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Turkey bans US reconnaissance drones from flying to Donbass through its airspace

Turkey does not allow US reconnaissance drones to fly through its territory.

The Turkish military has banned US reconnaissance drones from flying missions to Donbass through Turkish airspace. This became known after the American strategic reconnaissance drone RQ-4 Global Hawk once again had to fly in a circle. At the same time, despite the absence of any official statements, it became known that this was due to Ankara's suspicions that the United States could collect information about the operation of the S-400 systems previously purchased from Russia.

Recently, the United States has increasingly begun to use its strategic reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles for reconnaissance in the Donbass and off the coast of Crimea. This fact indicates that the United States assesses the risks that Russia or the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass may attack aircraft if the latter nevertheless violate the borders of these states. In this regard, it was decided to reduce the risks for our own Air Force by sending drones for reconnaissance.

However, flights of American drones outside Turkish airspace indicate that Ankara is not yet interested in actively cooperating with the United States, however, one of the most likely reasons is also the deployment of Russian S-400 air defense systems in Turkey, for which American drones may well track.

"This became known after the American strategic reconnaissance drone RQ-4 Global Hawk had to once again fly in a circle."

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The Americans have a base in Turkey Inzherlik, from there drones take off and land and scouts, so they still fly over Turkey and they see up to 300 km in depth, so they already have all of Turkey in full view. Some kind of fake.

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