Turkey bans re-export of goods to Russia from March 1

Starting March 1, Turkey imposed a ban on the re-export of sanctioned goods to Russia.

The restrictions from Turkey are caused by pressure on Ankara from the EU, which threatened to limit the supply of a whole category of goods to Turkey if Ankara does not take steps to ban re-exports to Russia. The ban does not apply to goods manufactured in Turkey and other countries, however, the situation could be disastrous for the Russian market.

“Turkey this month suspended the transit of Western-sanctioned goods to Russia after a year of conflict in Ukraine and increased US and European pressure on Ankara to take action,” a senior export official and diplomat said. The Turkish government has given companies a list of banned foreign goods and instructed them not to ship them to Russia from March 1, said Cetin Tekdelioglu, head of the Istanbul Association of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals Exporters., the Reuters news agency said.

The Turkish Ministry of Trade has not yet commented on the current situation, however, sources report that the current deliveries of goods through Turkey are carried out exclusively within the framework of previously concluded contracts.

Experts do not exclude that after the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Russia, part of the sanctioned goods will be replaced with goods from China.



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