Erdogan and Putin


Turkey said it would take Crimea from Russia by force, simply by closing the passage through the Bosphorus

Dozens of Russian warships and submarines could be useless.

Turkey intends to close the passage to Russian warships and civilian ships, thereby destroying the entire Russian Black Sea fleet. The key reason for blocking the Bosphorus for Russian ships is Ankara's firm intention to return the Crimean peninsula under Ukrainian control.

“Recep Erdogan is not against the annexation of Crimea to Turkey, as it was during the Ottoman Empire - this can be achieved by blocking the Bosphorus for the Russian Federation. But such actions are fraught with great risk and significant difficulties for Ankara. The journalist told about this in his interview to the Kiev Internet newspaper "Strana". According to Erdogdu, in Turkey, many consider Crimea to be Turkish territory, but Erdogan's words about the peninsula are nothing more than populism designed for nationalists. He is not averse to appropriating Crimea, and the Turkish authorities have a definite strategy in relation to this territory. However, trying to defend its interests in the region, Ankara is forced to maneuver between Moscow and Kiev. Why not close the Bosphorus to Russian military and commercial ships? The closure of the straits vital for Russia could return Crimea to Ukraine in a week, the expert believes, but immediately recognizes Turkey's unwillingness to take such actions due to fear of a tough response from the Kremlin. If the Turks decide to take forceful actions against Russia, they "may lose Istanbul on the way to Crimea", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Reporter".

The existence of an opportunity for the passage of Russian ships through the Bosphorus is the most important way to enter the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and beyond, while earlier Turkey has repeatedly threatened to block the transition from the Black to the Mediterranean Sea when it deems it necessary.

“Radical threats from Turkey do cause serious concern for Russia. Dozens of ships and submarines and hundreds of civilian sea vessels may actually end up, if not in a puddle, then in a lake, without the ability to navigate the region. Turkey is unlikely to lose anything in this situation, although it is obvious that no one is going to return Crimea to Ankara even if such a situation arises ", - the expert marks.

On the other hand, analysts draw attention to the fact that in the event of such actions on the part of Erdogan, Russia may well begin to support Turkey's opponents, for example, Armenia, Kurds, Syria, Greece, etc., and for the latter, this will turn into very big problems.

And my payment is 16-20 thousand rubles.

"Objective" broadcasts biasedly, two years ago they were yelling. that Russia will "fall apart" if 159 liters of oil cost 50, then the Saudis dropped to 25 and nearly went bankrupt themselves. but not Russia :))) To ill-wishers of Russia, only what to dream ...

In addition to oil, gas and the entire periodic table, Russia still has POSEIDON. Learn the TTD of this weapon!

A profitable business reconciles even the worst enemies. (this is about a gas pipe). Let's remember how the situation developed after the downed plane. All our politicians tore their shirts - "we will not forgive"!

Nobody will overlap anything. Russia will collapse by itself. A country that can show signs of vital activity only at a price of 40 a barrel will simply cease to exist on the map. This is a logical pattern. Russia should seriously think not about the ownership of Crimea (this issue was resolved back in the 90s), but about who Moscow will be.

If you believe everything that is written here, then Turkey has long become the Ottoman Empire. But in fact, one careless movement, and the Bosphorus with the Dardanelles will turn into one big sea, and Istanbul - into a swamp.

Russia plans to launch a new national project to deepen and expand the Bosphorus.

And Putin must warn the Sultan that in an hour and with just two missiles, Yars will close the whole of Turkey with Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, and the Bosphorus and Dardanelles will become twice as wide.

Let the radicals not forget that Russia can block the passage for absolutely all ships, then the source of currency for Turkey will disappear, and in Turkey there are problems with currency.

The closure of the Bosphorus is fraught with the closure of all of Turkey, forever from everyone, by erasing it from the earth.

Regardless of whether the Turks close the Bosphorus or not, they will be deprived of Istanbul anyway soon.