Turkish Navy


Turkey says it will support Ukraine from the sea in case of conflict with Russia

Turkey has turned from a partner of Russia into a potential adversary.

Military exercises conducted by NATO countries in the western part of the Black Sea, according to the Turkish side, are aimed at coordinated training of actions in the event of a possible conflict between Russia and Ukraine. At the same time, the Turkish side drew attention to the fact that in the event of an armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine in the waters of the Black Sea, it will support the Ukrainian Navy with its ships.

“Exercise Poseidon 2021, launched by NATO in the Black Sea, set the Kremlin in motion. The exercise is reportedly targeted against Russia. The goal of the exercise (according to Turkish media - ed.) Is to support Ukraine, which is already striving to start new actions. "- сообщает Turkish military edition "Milliyet".

There are no official comments on this from Ankara, however, the exercises themselves were aimed "at maintaining freedom of navigation and security in the waters of the Black Sea," which the North Atlantic Alliance is constantly trying to accuse Russia of violating.

Despite the provocative statements of the Turkish media, experts draw attention to the fact that if Turkey decides to get involved in an armed conflict against Russia, it will quickly suffer major losses, since it has a much less powerful fleet, and the Russian coastal missile systems "Bastion" will be enough to hit hostile targets even in the Bosphorus region.

You are absolutely right

It is a pity for Turkey, peace be upon her and eternal memory. May he rest in peace ...); (

... will, will, will not ...

All Russia - rusty and stinking cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov

Does Turkey have extra ships that it wants to sink in the Black Sea?

Ankara DIDN'T MAKE official assurances about the possible start of a war with Russia for Ukraine! All speculation comes from journalists, and this is not the same as the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You have to understand.

And what will Putin and Lavrov answer, or, as usual, will keep silent, they will pull gas for them, build a nuclear power plant, fill them with tourists

Well, yes, because Turkey declares its future support for Ukraine, that it is not going to fight for it, right?

Campaign, soon there will be neither a fleet in Turkey, nor Turkey itself. Let's revive Byzantium ...

Have they forgotten about Skobelev in the vicinity of Constantinople?

Or maybe Turkey wants to expand the Bosphorus to Mount Ararat, otherwise it is too narrow by the scale of Russia.

Of course, everyone is free to choose where to rest, but you still need to think a little with your head. Money from tourism will go to war with Russia, your money, if you go to rest in Turkey, it is possible that your compatriots will be killed. As for the "enemies of the people" in Soviet times, this is a completely different story, and this is out of place.

You are not in the subject Alexander. The MTR of the Russian Federation is constantly straining about the Turkish forces, and those who shot at our pilot were blown away by blows on the same day. their leader, the respected Effendi R. Erdogan, was imprisoned (albeit on a different charge, but this was also in court)

You see "BBB", but for commenting on the interest of the selected article on this resource, it is implied intellectual operation with facts and logic.
Ardent assurances like, ".. Russia has a small guts to .." look, as it were, infantile at best.
We have more meetings with the Turkish leader than with the German or French, and this speaks volumes. that the roles have been clarified and divided so far and no one will climb to the other side ... We have more benefits in peace than in war. But one thing is certain. in any case, Turkey WILL NOT fight for Ukraine (only for its own interests and they are different from Ukrainian ones) ...))

Well, yes, Erdogan apparently forgot how he asked for an apology for just one shot down plane ..

Russia has little guts to drive to Turkey, so they will sit in the bunker)

Well, ours have already gotten rid of the Turks in Syria once, they can snatch it out again.

This is a gift to Putin from Erdogan's friend.

Turks will support the Ukrainian Fleet ?! Are they talking about those 84 inflatable aircraft carriers that the United States gave them ?! Better let the tomatoes help the Greatest, but the most hungry of the fleets of the Universe!

If Turkey supports Ukraine from the sea, then its fleet will become the target number 1 for Russian "Caliber", "Bastion" and "Balov" and as a result - Turkey will lose its fleet overnight.

Yuri, read the prophecy of Elder Paisius the Holy Mountain. I was surprised, but everything goes as it is with him ...

At this point, Dmitry does not choose - the protection of national interests and state. border has a status that requires immediate action. And so tense relations with Turkey are not necessary for Russia, as well as for Turkey against the background of inflation, it is not desirable for them to experiment. But against the background of Syria and Turkey's constant "probing" of Russia's reaction to certain irritants, I am not going to go to Turkey yet.

Turkey stubbornly rushes .... Well, the dream of Catherine II about the Bosphorus and Constantinople is close to its realization.

Everyone is free to choose where to rest. And with such views as you did in Soviet times, they shouted: "Enemy of the people" and knocked on a neighbor to grab a piece of property!

Forgot how F.F. Ushakov drove them across the black sea

And they will grab it to the fullest! Turkey is the enemy of Russia, and those "citizens" of Russia who go to Turkey on vacation are traitors to the Motherland.