Turkey announced the sending of almost a hundred ISIS terrorists to the Russian border

Almost a hundred ISIS terrorists * wanted to send from Turkey to Russia *.

Turkey announced its intentions to send almost a hundred ISIS terrorists to Russia (Islamic State, a terrorist group banned in Russia - approx. Ed.). The reason for this was the reluctance of the Turkish authorities to keep almost a hundred militants in the territory of their country.

According to official figures, today, in Turkey, 99 terrorists of the Islamic State are being transported to the border of the Russian Federation, which are currently in prison. How exactly this process will be implemented is not known, but earlier, when trying to deport one of the terrorists to neighboring Greece, Turkey actually released the militant to freedom - the Greek side closed its own border in front of it, as a result of which the latter was de facto free.

According to the latest information, ISIS terrorists holding the citizenship of the Russian Federation are on the third line in terms of the number of people in Turkey, second only to Iraq (296 militants) and Syria (273 militants).

Russia has not yet officially commented on this information.