Turkey was accused of using phosphorus shells and toxic substances in Syria. Video

Turkey used phosphorus shells and toxic substances in Syria.

Video footage taken by random witnesses of the use of Turkish heavy artillery against Kurds in northern Syria made it possible to prove the fact that Ankara used phosphorus and poisonous substances against Kurds and civilians in the north of the Arab Republic.

As can be seen on the presented video frames, as a result of the hit of several artillery shells, a large amount of unknown gas is released. According to some sources, we can talk about the same chlorine in combination with tear gas, which made it possible to hide the components of chlorine. Moreover, many victims of these attacks have injuries identical to those resulting from the use of phosphorus shells.

Turkey has not officially commented on such accusations, but experts believe that international organizations should deal with this situation.

“Russia’s groundless accusations of using phosphorus shells turned out to be a scandal, however, despite the evidence, no one is bringing charges against Ankara. That is exactly what the hypocrisy of the world's largest organizations looks like, which do not even try to protect civilians from the Turkish invasion of Syria. ”, - the expert marks.